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2022-01-21 06:37:03 | onclick: | What is the most important thing in application technology development?

It seems that there are many factors that must be possessed in the development of applied technology, such as correct theoretical basis, reliable technical approaches and sufficient financial support; Of course, we should also have a broad application market and correct marketing and marketing strategies. In addition, application technology development often has a strong market competition atmosphere, and speed and efficiency are also important. But I think among the various conditions and factors that must be met, the most critical is execution.

Elon, founder of Tesla, USA Musk, he promoted and applied a number of technologies, such as promoting electric vehicles to thousands of households (Tesla); The US space exploration technology company (SpaceX) was established to reuse rockets, which greatly reduced the launch cost of Rockets; Because of a traffic jam, musk founded a "boring company" and claimed to reduce the tunnel cost by 99%. Musk was praised as a "genius" for a while, and he always came up with some fantastic ideas to solve problems. At the same time, he was denounced as a "madman" and made some incredible actions. However, I'm afraid everyone agrees that he has strong executive power.

Musk's "star arrow" launch has experienced many failures. In fact, each launch of the rocket has a lot of money. After each launch failure, musk does not seem to wait for a detailed accident investigation report. He hurriedly starts the next launch, often failing again. Sometimes he tries and fails repeatedly, as if the money spent fell from the sky. Think about it, Musk's company needs investors to invest. He must launch in order to attract everyone's attention and play a publicity role, so as to attract more investment. Once there is no launch and no new investors can be found, the company may close down. In contrast, China's rocket launch also failed. For example, the "fat five" launch with the largest payload failed to enter orbit normally for the first time. China immediately announced that it would suspend the launch of the "fat five", seriously look for the reasons for the failure, confirm the reasons, and then prevent such accidents from happening again in terms of design and manufacturing. Fat five was successful when it was launched again a few years later. This is because the investment mode of China's rocket investment is completely different from Musk's method. China usually adopts the method of government appropriation after budget. Everyone should be responsible for the government's funds. In this way, it will be particularly cautious to launch again after failure. Musk's "star arrow" launch. After the launch fails, if there is an arrow, it will be launched the next day, which may fail again. China's "fat five" has been checked and verified for several years, greatly improving the possibility of success in re launch. If I were allowed to make a choice, it would obviously be preferable for China to launch such a costly project as a rocket.

Musk is a scientific and technological genius with excellent innovative thinking. He has a strong market appeal and brings huge investment, which gives him a strong executive power. However, due to the lack of corresponding restraint mechanism, he must hide huge risks. From a long-term perspective, maybe musk will pay a huge price for his madness at some time in the future.

China's construction and development have made great achievements, because China's system can "concentrate on major events", thus giving strong executive power. In the field of scientific discovery and originality, the role of executive power is limited, while in the field of technology promotion and application, China's strong executive power fully shows great advantages, and has become a world-famous "infrastructure maniac" in recent years. For example, after knowing its principle and exploring the construction method, China soon built the submarine caisson tunnel of the world's longest Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. On this basis, China has invested a huge amount of money in the design and construction of ships specially arranged to place caisson tunnels, which has increased the efficiency of placing submarine caissons by more than four times and greatly improved the launching accuracy. This new technology is used in the deep middle channel under construction, which greatly shortens the tunnel construction cycle and investment cost. Like high-speed railway and various super high and super long bridges, it can be said that China is the first power in the construction of caisson tunnel in the world.

The executive power of major application technology promotion is important, as is the executive power of relatively small project promotion. For example, for the research on low-carbon and energy-saving biological ammonia removal process, our research group began to contact biological nitrogen removal at the end of 2016. So far, it has only been about 5 years. Many teams started this research earlier than us in China, but in terms of engineering application, we completed four engineering application projects of anaerobic ammonia oxidation treatment of ammonia nitrogen in 2021, and all of them passed the project acceptance. The application of this technology reduces the cost of ammonia nitrogen treatment, reduces the emission of carbon dioxide in the treatment process, and is recognized by users. Although we didn't start early, we are a very fast team in the application and promotion of new denitrification technology, which is due to our real "industry university research integration" team, concentrating our research and engineering forces and focusing only on this matter, so we have strong executive power.

From the laboratory test, laboratory pilot test, on-site pilot test, on-site engineering application verification, and finally on the industrial treatment system, we can concentrate human, financial and material resources to carry out application development step by step. In order to increase the executive power in this direction, it is also important to create conditions to expand the market. In 2021, although the epidemic still limited my travel, I went to Sun Yat sen University, West Lake University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of technology, Huizhou University, Guangdong Institute of petrochemical technology and other universities to give lectures and introduce low-carbon and energy-saving biological denitrification technology. So far this year, six anaerobic ammonia oxidation denitrification projects for pilot test and engineering application have been discussed in Jiangsu Province, Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province and Chongqing. Although there are about 200 industrial anammox projects in operation all over the world, mainly in European countries and regions, I believe this low-carbon and energy-saving biological denitrification technology will spring up on the land of the motherland like mushrooms. The status of China's world factory remains unchanged. Driven by the "double carbon" goal of "achieving carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutralization in 2060", China will further give us strong executive power. I believe that in the near future, China will be the country with the most application of this technology in the world.

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