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2022-01-04 08:37:19 | onclick: | Thoughts on undergraduate teaching facing the risk of collapse

The dispute over the existence and abolition of undergraduate thesis has lasted for several years. In the fierce debate between the insistence school and the abandonment school, the competent education department chose to continuously strengthen the weight of the graduation thesis. However, the quality of the graduation thesis produced under the great pressure of this decision-making has a personal experience than every teacher who has reviewed the undergraduate graduation thesis and participated in the defense of the undergraduate graduation thesis. In fact, using the strict academic paper standard to evaluate the undergraduate graduation thesis is really a little flattering to college students. It may be more accurate to measure most papers with "garbage". What's more sad is that even these useless garbage papers are the product of many tutors, doctors, teachers and students' excessive "quoting" n materials.

As long as you login to some student forums, you can see students' difficult to learn and make complaints about how to start. In the virtual space, there are many small advertisements for paid writing undergraduate graduation thesis, which attract the attention of thousands of graduates with thesis writing difficulties; In the Internet headlines, the news that college students commit suicide in various ways has become the focus of attention from time to time because they fail to pass their undergraduate graduation thesis. At the scene of graduation defense, the video of the instructor denouncing the low quality of the thesis has also been reproduced by many mass media.

All the above abnormal phenomena actually illustrate one point: the quality of undergraduate teaching is so bad that it is difficult to meet the most basic requirements of graduation thesis. So when the quality of undergraduate education is so low and most undergraduate students have actually been difficult to meet the minimum requirements, the only motivation for the competent department to still adhere to or even strengthen the requirements of undergraduate graduation thesis can only be explained as follows: undergraduate graduation thesis has become the last barrage to prevent the collapse of undergraduate education quality!

In fact, if we carefully analyze the historical track of colleges and universities in recent decades, the reasons for this phenomenon are not difficult to understand. In a word, in the ivory tower of teaching and educating people, both teachers and students, the main body of education, have given up their main business. Teachers are busy competing for hats, sending articles, grabbing topics and making extra money. Students are busy with online games, dating, community activities and social part-time jobs. Occasionally, I met several teachers who were enthusiastic about teaching and educating people. After n times of bad interaction with most absent-minded students, I was disheartened. Occasionally, a few students devoted to learning, after encountering the cold face of the teacher busy with "four only", also began to drift with the tide. As a result, the decline of the main business and the prosperity of the sidelines have become the common characteristics of most colleges and universities, teachers and students as the main body of education.

However, using a temporary dam such as a graduation thesis to prevent the dam collapse of the barrier lake with low quality of undergraduate education is actually a great risk. There are two reasons: when the driving factors such as teachers' Weariness of teaching and students' Weariness of learning cannot be eliminated, the water level of the barrier lake with low education quality continues to rise; The pressure on the big stick must be continuously increased to prevent dam collapse. I'm afraid the power under the high pressure that consumes huge resources is difficult to maintain. How to turn teachers' attention to teaching and educating people, and how to turn students' main energy to learning is the fundamental policy to prevent the risk of undergraduate education collapse. Unfortunately, from this perspective, there is still a long way to go.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Relying on one temporary administrative order after another, although it is simple and fast, it can also achieve immediate results, but it can only cure the symptoms and the effect can not be sustained. Some netizens in the author's circle of friends joked like this: what if one day the teacher doesn't want to take over the hot potato with huge responsibility, labor and no sense of achievement to guide the undergraduate graduation thesis, and is extremely disappointed with the future prospect, take out the hob meat and even deal with the increasing number of graduates in the graduation thesis with a desperate attitude?

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