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2022-01-04 08:34:42 | onclick: | On the development of Chinese Core Journals

With the implementation of the "four-dimensional" policy, the status of Chinese journals has gradually increased. In order to meet the adjustment of national policies, some scientific research institutes have added a small number of names of Chinese Excellent Journals to the catalogue of papers on the performance evaluation of scientific researchers. As a teaching and scientific researcher who has published both Chinese Journal Papers and a small number of English SCI journal papers, to be honest, the quality of Western SCI founded abroad is really higher than that of Chinese journals. Chinese journals really don't feel easy to love you.

In detail, there are several reasons why Chinese journals are not popular with domestic scholars:

1. The performance score is low and the input-output is not cost-effective. According to the assessment method of a double first-class university, the performance score of a domestic CSCD journal paper is 40, while that of a SCI paper in zone 2 is 300. From the input-output ratio, which is higher or lower is clear at a glance.

2. The popularity of human relations manuscripts and relationship manuscripts, and serious identity discrimination. If careful readers do data mining, they can find that some domestic core journals, relatives, friends, disciples and grandchildren of the editor in chief and Editorial Committee, are published more frequently in journals. As for the phenomenon of identity discrimination and watching people cook, it is more obvious in some journals. It is not a small probability that undergraduate papers are submitted, and college teachers are not included in the stream.

3. Inefficient and expensive. Take the Journal of a double first-class university as an example. Even if the editors and judges have good evaluation opinions, the chief editor has passed the final review successfully, and the time period from submission to publication is at least 1.5 years. The publication cycle of this kind of paper is more than 2 years for the top journals in an industry. As for the layout fee, some domestic top journals can compete with open source SCI journals. For some top social science and management journals, the layout fee of tens of thousands of yuan for a paper is no longer a fantasy.

4. The review opinions are unreasonable and the editorial decisions are too arbitrary. According to the objective evaluation, a considerable number of domestic Chinese journals do not dare to compliment the evaluation experts. In the process of writing and submitting papers for more than 20 years, the author often receives some unreasonable expert review opinions. The few words that an ox's head doesn't speak to a horse's mouth really confuse the author's father-in-law and monk. Even, the review opinion was good, and he was inexplicably shot at the time of the final judgment.

5. Bad attitude and poor sense of responsibility. In the context of the great leap forward in scientific research, domestic journals with a little higher level are fooled by the influx of manuscripts. It is not uncommon for editors to scold and satirize authors. It is a common phenomenon to ignore and hold high the author's various inquiries. As for the phenomenon of arbitrarily delaying the review time, failing to review the papers according to the promised time node, and delaying the publication time of the author's scientific research achievements, it is not uncommon.

Therefore, it is reasonable to increase the proportion of Chinese Periodicals under the background of breaking thinking. However, there is a premise for the implementation of this policy, that is, the quality of Chinese journals, the service attitude of editors and the level of review experts can be equal to or even better than the level of foreign SCI. Under the background that the above premise is not satisfied, blindly promoting Chinese journals is neither scientific nor fair.

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