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2021-12-17 09:06:00 | onclick: | Eight suggestions for improvement of NSFC review

It has been four or five days since the national base released the list in 2020. On web forums such as xiaomuchong and guozr, some people said that it was normal and not strange to win, some expressed thanks and scattered gold coins, some said they were surprised, some were confused, and some said they couldn't believe it because they spent a lot of time and had a good working foundation There are those who lament or even despair (for example, some people say that they don't win, and their school has to go without promotion, so they can only find a new owner). Of course, some people have a good mentality, it doesn't matter, and they will talk about it in the coming year. It's normal for everyone to have different emotions due to different factors such as assessment pressure, career development and economic pressure in their unit.

The national base can only be obtained by a few people. This competitiveness ensures the gold content of the national base, but this competitiveness also requires the national base to improve the transparency and fairness of the review as much as possible. For the national foundation, improvement is always on the way. The blogger has some suggestions for the national foundation review.

1. The information of the applicant and the published journal of the paper block the reviewers of the letter evaluation and the meeting evaluation. The reviewers are required to judge the applicant's preliminary work by themselves, rather than simply looking at what the published journal of the paper is, which can also break the circle culture to a certain extent. In a sense, it is also a specific measure to break the five only.

2. The system is set so that the reviewer will first rate the core parts such as this sub research design, and then rate the work basis and working conditions. The system will automatically obtain the total rating of the application according to the two ratings. Avoid unnecessary interference between the two parts.

3. There are many contradictions between praise but poor score. In order to reduce this phenomenon to a certain extent, the comments and scores can be published to the applicant at the same time, putting pressure on some reviewers who do so. There is no need to be mysterious, let alone publish the reviewer information to the applicant.

4. If the letter evaluation clearly fails, that is, if the meeting is not held, there is no need to wait for the end of the meeting evaluation and notify it by email at the first time. The realization of this is very simple in technology and funds. In this way, most people don't have to wait so long.

5. It is not a technical problem that which department will release it after the evaluation.

6. As soon as there is a result, the applicant and the unit's science and technology department can check at the same time. Even the applicant should check it first to avoid the so-called relationship between some schools and some schools, forming an unnecessary and artificial unfair atmosphere.

7. Continuously improve the algorithm of machine matching application and evaluation experts. The NSFC has adopted the method of algorithm matching experts. For details, see Hu Jun, Hao Yanni, Xu Yanying, sun Ruijuan and others' article "intelligent discussion on peer review of NSFC projects", China Science Foundation, issue 2, 2019.

8. Appropriately reduce the average amount of funding and appropriately increase the number of funded projects. The fund committee can analyze and determine according to the previous fund use, results publication and input-output ratio.

Some of the above suggestions may be put forward in other places such as BBS and forums. Bloggers can't exhaustive search. It can be said that by coincidence, we think of one. Of course, the effect of these suggestions needs to be studied and tested.

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