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2021-12-17 09:05:42 | onclick: | The world's first-class universities are interested in self-evaluation events

Recently, colleges and universities across the country have intensively carried out the first round of "double first-class" construction cycle summary expert review meeting. From the perspective of most colleges and universities that have released the expert review results, they are positive, and individual colleges and universities have built themselves into a world-class university. It seems that in the words of Chairman Mao, the situation is very good, not small.

What does the Ministry of education think? Xu Mei, spokesman of the Ministry of education, said that certain phased results have been achieved, "but we should also be sober to see that there is still a big gap between the overall strength of our country's higher education and world-class universities."

Colleges and universities say they are doing well, and the Ministry of Education says you have achievements, but don't be blindly optimistic. Sitting taxpayers and Internet users are confused: are those universities with good self-evaluation world-class universities? Moreover, how many evaluation experts have reached the world-class level? It is not a world-class evaluation opinion given by world-class experts, and its credibility is more or less discounted.

To answer this question, of course, we must first understand the definition of world-class universities. The blogger simply Baidu, but did not find a clear and official definition of a world-class university by the Ministry of education, but some more principled text descriptions. The actual operation is that experts conduct meeting review. Several experts participating in the review believe that if they reach a world-class university, they will achieve. Is the meeting review effective? It depends on the expert level, sense of responsibility and principle. But in fact, in the domestic environment, many Conference reviews have human and public relations factors. For example, in the double first-class self-evaluation of a university in Henan, nearly half of the evaluation experts are graduates of the University. It is not surprising that the self-evaluation result of the university is good. In addition, even the conference review needs a clear definition of a world-class university.

How to define a world-class university?

Bloggers believe that we can't do a bunch of indicators that are easy to cheat, such as the indicator of foreign students. Some domestic universities desperately or even kneel and lick to recruit a bunch of so-called international students with low quality. The reason is that this indicator is related to the evaluation of the so-called world-class university, and this indicator is the easiest to brush up. When the turnip is fast, it does not wash the mud. The enrollment of international students is greatly expanded, and the number of low-quality students naturally increases a lot. These low-quality students come to China, use the money originally belonging to Chinese students, enjoy super national treatment, and occasionally make some troubles harassing Chinese girls. The only advantage is to meet the performance needs of some university leaders.

Bloggers believe that the definition of a world-class university is very simple. It depends on the number of landmark and top achievements. Consider:

First, in terms of basic research, it is defined as issued by international representative societies or research institutions Research awards with a long time (e.g. more than 20 years) (except for the student award), the Ministry of education can give a specific list. The number of international awards won by the graduates of a university with their achievements in school is the best indicator to evaluate whether they are world-class universities. Harvard and MIT in the United States, Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Paris Normal University, Paris Institute of technology in France, Tokyo University and Kyoto University in Japan are all examples Recognized world-class universities are among the top universities in the international recognized awards.

Second, the number of international awards is small, and the evaluation is once every five years. Some econometric indicators can be further considered, such as highly cited papers with five years as the statistical period. In order to reduce cheating, only the citations from the top 1000 universities in the world are counted, and the citations from China are deducted.

Third, in the field of applied disciplines, it is a major technological breakthrough at home and abroad.

Fourth, the values of the above three indicators of the top 10 universities recognized in the world are counted. Make statistics on the gap between domestic colleges and universities and the above values, so as to obtain the evaluation results of reaching, highly approaching and preliminary approaching.

In this way, the evaluation method of world-class universities is simple, open, transparent and can not cheat. Basically, the university newspaper materials are verified by several secretaries. The meeting evaluation follows a procedure, which saves time and effort. It is highly reasonable for most universities and disciplines. Only a few mathematics subjects, such as traditional Chinese medicine, may need to be adjusted.

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