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2021-03-24 11:35:53 | onclick: | We provide medical data statistics consulting services

Generally speaking, to analyze the medical data, the first process is to collate the data and then analyze the data of in two stages.
1.Data collation: After collecting the data, we need to sort the data, the purpose of which is to check the data, find out the missing information in time, and decide whether to correct the data. 
Missing information: After collecting the data, it is necessary to check whether the information in the design phase is complete. If there is a missing value, we need to estimate whether the missing value will affect the whole analysis. If so, whether it can be re-investigated. If it can’t be recollected, the data may have to be excluded or partially adopted.
Verifying the authenticity of information: Sometimes, it may be a clerical error for the recorder, or the respondent may have provided wrong information for the inquiry survey. Usually, in the experimental design stage, we deliberately design some relevant questions to verify whether the respondents provide false information. For example, we designed two questions: 1) whether there is a family history of hypertension. 2) Whether your parents or other immediate family members have hypertension. The two questions were put into the same questionnaire.
Data correction: The error information can be corrected. If not, the data may be treated as missing data.
2.Data AnalysisAfter the data sorting, the data need to be analyzed in order to study the overall features of the research subject and to clarify the inner relationship of the things. Purpose of the data analysis: Calculate the related indexes, reflect the overall characteristics of the data and clarify the internal relations of indexes. Data analysis includes: 1) Statistical Description: it is to present the characteristics of data in the most intuitive way, and to describe the trend of data by using statistical tables, statistical graphs, scatter graphs, etc. 2) Statistical Inference: the overall information is inferred from the sample information.
Teachers with doctorates and postdoctoral work experience of Wen Hua Xuan Statistics Company are expertized in statistics. We provide data statistics tutoring and consulting services in Chinese and English medical paper, including SAS + STATA and other statistical tools.
If you have any difficulties in SAS medical statistics in Chinese or English, you are welcome to choose Wen Hua Xuan Statistics Company. Our teachers are able to complete the statistical analysis and provide the guidance of SAS papers in both Chinese and English.
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